Redrock "Living for Jesus, speaking for Jesus"
Redrock      "Living for Jesus, speaking for Jesus"

Welcome to Redrock Presbyterian Church.  Please feel free to explore this website to find out more about us.  You are welcome to join us for Worship each Sunday at 12noon. (11.15 am during July and August)

DIY Prayertime 1st April 2020

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Covid 19 Update - 26th March 2020

Hi Everyone. By now I guess we’re beginning to experience a little cabin fever! I’m already really missing “normal” church, but looks like we’ll have to get used to it for the foreseeable future....and embrace the different challenges and opportunities that brings! I’ll try to send out regular updates like this, and with that in mind can I highlight several things.

- if you’re reading this on FB or the website that means you’re privileged to stay in touch ‘online’ - Please do all you can to pass on information to your Druminnis and Redrock friends who possibly aren’t online. That will be a massive encouragement to those who may be isolated.
- thanks for all the feedback from last Sunday. I’ll keep working on my Technology skills and before we’re done it might be Sunday services with visual too! It’s really great to hear of so many of you also benefitting from other congregations’ broadcasts and posts. (I think the record last weekend was tuning in to FIVE local services)
We’ll continue to record and duplicate CD’s of Services as long as it’s feasible to deliver them. - if you know anyone who’d appreciate a CD recording please contact Sam. If you’d be willing to be a CD postman or woman to those near you please contact Trevor for Druminnis( 38870196) or Colin for Redrock (07713151383)
- hopefully by now many of you are benefitting from Daniel’s helpful resources to accompany the New City Catechism. It’s not too late to join in, there’ll be a link to questions 6-10 next week
- I’ve taken the opportunity to write and post daily reflections on the Psalms. They’re going up on my FB page and the congregation’s FB page daily. Please “share” away at these and pop in daily for the next Psalm
- REALLY IMPORTANT - as a Kirk Session we want to do all we can to be available and as pastorally supportive as we can in these usual times SO.....
      * If there’s a pastoral need or information needs passed on please contact Sam or one of the Elders.
      * also, if either you or someone you know needs deliveries of food or medicines please don’t hesitate to ask. We’ve lots of willing volunteers ready to help.
      * over and above that if ANYONE finds themselves in particular need of essentials and financial resources have run dry, contact Sam and we’ll do all we can to help meet each other’s needs.


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New Clerk of Session for Redrock

Mr William Kelly has retired as Clerk of Session after almost 2 decades of dedicated service.  He was presented with a special gift of thanks at Morning Worship on 19th January 2020.  Mr Arnold Black has been appointed as the new Clerk of Session. L/R Arnold Black, William Kelly, Nora Kelly, Rev Sam Finlay.

Special Presentation to George Reaney

Mr George Reaney has retired from Redrock Youth Club after 45 years of dedicated service.  He was presented with a special gift of thanks at Morniing Worship on 10th February 2019.

Flower Festival photos 2016

Fun Day Photos 12th September 2015

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